Getting the best out of performance appraisals?

Performance appraisals can be a valuable process if done right. However, many organisations easily slip into the routine of an annual appraisal that involves lots of form filling, some discussion and then repeat the process the following year.

I always recommend a mid-year review, this helps to keep the performance appraisal as an all year round process rather than a once-per-year process. This should then always be supplemented with one-to-one discussions to maintain regular communications and to review progress against objectives as well as to discuss any development or support required.

After working with many organisations on improving their performance review processes, I have found that companies that also invest in additional aspects to the process, reap more rewards. One way of doing this is to introduce 360 degree feedback into your performance review process.

What is 360 feedback?

360°feedback is a form of performance appraisal that gathers feedback from a number of different sources. These sources can include peers, direct reports, line managers, more senior colleagues and customers. This feedback offers a wide-range of perspectives and helps to make performance management a more objective, fair and effective process.

Benefits of using 360°Feedback Tools

There are many potential benefits of using a 360°feedback tool. Some benefits that can be realised are:

• Improved leadership and management skills

• Greater understanding of skills and areas for development

• Improved team working

• Increased awareness of your impact on others

• More open working relationships

• Increased levels of self-confidence

• Clear understanding of areas of strength

The process is all electronic and can be completed (an individual questionnaire) within fifteen minutes.

Once all responses are received, the individual and their manager then receive a report. This report has been compiled using the data provided by participants and their respondents. This data is then analysed and anonymised and compiled into a useful report that outlines key strengths and areas for further development.

It also provides a detailed data breakdown to look at comparisons between the responses provided.

When considering introducing a 360 feedback tool into your organisation, you usually have a few options. Firstly, there is the option to go with a pre-designed questionnaire. For example, we have designed a Leadership Skills questionnaire that covers the key skills that you would associate with effective leaders. The questionnaire covers each of these skills and has a range of statements to score against.

There is also the options to go for a customised 360 tool. We offer this option. This is where we work with an organisation to look at your company values/behaviours/attributes etc and design a specific 360 tool to match.

This approach can be really helpful in understanding how your employees measure against the company behaviours which can then inform your development planning process.

If you would like to know more about our 360 tool, please visit our 360 Feedback page on our website. This page includes our pricing structure and more information on what is available.

If you would like to discuss any other learning and development requirements you have, please get in touch using the contact form on this website or on email at

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