Wellbeing resolutions anyone?

We are now into December and it feels like this year has flown by. December is usually a time when people start thinking about the following year, what they want to do, changes they want to make and think about what has happened over the past year.

For me, it's been a truly amazing year. 2018 has seen me set up my own business, get engaged, visit several new European cities and learn that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it.

If someone had told me at the start of the year that this would be how I would be ending the year, I wouldn't have believed them. I am a very lucky person.

However, I'm also aware that if I want to continue loving what I do for a living then I have a long road ahead of me. More connections to make, grow my business, learn new skills etc. I'm looking forward to the challenge in 2019.

So, as you're thinking about your year ahead, think about what you would like to achieve?

I'm sure many of you set New Year's Resolutions. Many resolutions relate to health and fitness, while others may include finally moving job or house etc. Over the years, I've seen many resolutions made and never met (including my own).

So how can this year be different?

Instead of making the same resolutions that you did last year, why not make a resolution(s) where you will increase your wellbeing, and help others?

During the wellbeing sessions that I deliver to clients, I refer to the Wheel of Wellbeing. This is something I have mentioned in my previous blog posts as a really useful tool for increasing your levels of wellbeing.

The Wheel of Wellbeing touches on 6 key areas:

1. Body

2. Mind

3. Spirit

4. People

5. Place

6. Planet

So, why not make a resolution to increase your wellbeing in each of these areas. This will have a positive impact on you and will also make a difference to others and the world.

Here are some examples of resolutions you could make for each of the areas shown above:

1. Body

Take a 15-30 minute walk at lunchtime rather than sitting at your desk.

Get off of the bus/tram two stops early and walk.

2. Mind

Learn a new skills such as sign language

Take up sudoku

Learn to play an instrument or take dance lessons etc.

3. Spirit

Give one person a compliment every day

Give blood

Become a volunteer

Commit to listening to people without interrupting them

4. People

Keep in touch with your family and friends regularly.

Say good morning to the first person you see every day

Join a community event or group

5. Place

Take time to watch a sunrise

Take a walk through the park and notice the nature

Make time to be in nature

Take your earphones out and don't look at your phone while outside, take notice of your surroundings instead.

6. Planet

Recycle whenever possible

Pick up any plastic you see

Set up a bin in your kitchen for food waste to compost

Cycle or walk when going short distances (rather than use the car).

These are just a handful of examples but I'm sure you can think of many more. These resolutions don't have to be BIG, they just have to be achievable. By making some of these small resolutions/changes, you can increase your wellbeing and have a positive impact on other people and the environment.

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