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Working as a learning and development professional for almost 20 years, you would be right in assuming that I love learning and it’s my passion to help others learn and develop.

From previous experience of working for large organisations, it can be the case that the staff working in training teams, rarely get much development themselves. This can simply be down to them delivering training for everyone else, so it’s easier for them to be overlooked. This doesn’t happen in all cases and some organisations are excellent at ensuring that continuous learning is available for all employees.

Previously working for a variety of organisations, I have had the opportunity to develop skills and gain qualifications and accreditations such as AGILE, MBTI, SDI etc. However, now working as a self-employed consultant, taking time out to develop new skills can be difficult. Most of my time is spent working with clients, designing and delivering sessions or providing project management services, with very little time in between.

But then...

I recently took a trip to Berlin for a few days. I was looking forward to experiencing the culture and learning more about the history of Berlin, something I knew a little but not a lot about.

Needless to say, upon starting this trip, my passion for learning was ignited from the second we arrived. The chance to learn more about the Berlin Wall, visit museums such as the Stasi headquarters and DDR museum as well as the East Side Gallery and the Berlin Wall Memorial was both fascinating, sobering and at times, quite emotional.

Berlin has an amazing mix of cultures and history and I soaked it all up.

The opportunity to learn wasn’t something that I was going to pass up and now that I’m home, I’m still thinking about the things I saw, read and visited. Berlin had a real impact on me and sparked an interest in history that I didn’t know I had. I didn’t take history at school and somewhere like Berlin wouldn’t have been on my list of places to visit ten years ago but I’m so glad I’ve been.

The morale of this story is to keep on learning. Try different things and never stop discovering new and interesting facts, history or skills. There is so much out there to learn about and I personally can’t wait to continue discovering more amazing places, meet new people, discover new cultures and learn more about myself along the way.

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