Retirement......Bring It On!

Retirement can bring a mixture of emotions for people. If approaching retirement, people may feel scared about loosing their purpose, they may feel excited about the possibilities it will bring or they may just feel daunted by the prospect of the unknown.

Experiencing retirement is like going through any other life change. You’ll experience all of the typical feelings such as denial (“it’s ages away, it’ll never happen”), frustration and anger (“why should I retire”) and at times possibly depression. Your day-to-day life will suddenly alter and your routine as you know it will disappear.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Retirement brings with it a wealth of opportunity to learn new things, discover new activities, create a new routine and make new friends.

The key to feeling positive about pending retirement is to make sure you feel prepared. Some companies do offer pre-retirement training which is a great staff benefit and provides some useful advice and support for people who may be considering retirement, or those who may be due to retire in a few years but want to find out more about what it might mean for them.

Here are some tips when considering your retirement.


For many people, finances are their primary concern. Making sure you have considered your financial needs is essential in reducing anxiety about retirement.

Consider both short and long term financial commitments you have and put a plan together. Once you have reviewed your commitments, you can then put together a budget for retirement. Make sure you are realistic in your budgeting and have a solid understanding of what finances you have coming in and going out.

In order to budget plan, draw up a list of your outgoings. One list for what they are whilst you are working and another for when you’ve retired.

Then, do the same exercise but for your incomings. This will give you the basis to start considering any changes you may need to make for when you retire.


There are many concessions (reductions) available for people over the age of 60. Make sure you do your research and take advantage of these where appropriate. Some concessions may include:

· Reduction in travel costs (e.g. bus and rail)

· Reduction in access to a variety of places (i.e. cinemas, meal discounts, sports centres)

· Reduced entry fee to events

The key is to remember to ask if there is a reduction available!


Retiring can bring a quick change to your daily routine and in some cases, presents the possibility that you may be less active. It is important to be aware of your health and wellbeing.

Retirement can also offer the fantastic benefit of more time for you to get involved in new activities.

There are a number of things that impact on your health and happiness. These could include:

· Your relationships with others

· Your health and fitness

· Your self-esteem/mood

Being mindful of these areas and making small changes can have a big impact on your health and happiness. Visit for more information on activities to keep you active and tips and tools for making small changes to your daily life to improve your wellbeing.

Other areas to consider when thinking about retirement are:

· Home: what is your cost of living, do you wish to move?

· Leisure Time: what leisure pursuits or hobbies interest you, what would add quality to your life?

· Skills and Study: research shows that lifelong learning can provide wellbeing benefits.

· Friends and Relationships: local community centres offer a range of activities and events.

· Volunteering: suddenly moving from employment to retirement may feel a step too far. Volunteering could be a good opportunity to meet new people, continue learning and provide a routine.

If your organisation is interested in discussing pre-retirement training for your employees, please contact us via the contact form on the website or email on

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