Recruit the right way

Effective recruitment is essential for any organisation to be successful. To ensure you have an effective and robust recruitment process in place, time must be spent focussing on the following:

Ensure your job descriptions are up-to-date and accurate

These should be reviewed regularly and at any point before a recruitment campaign is launched. It is vital to ensure that they accurately reflect the role you are recruiting to. This includes ensuring that the job title is correct.

  • Get the job title right

A good job title should accurately reflect the role and the duties required of the employee. It should also reflect the level of the job and should be self-explanatory for recruitment purposes.

  • Don’t forget the duties

The duties outlined in a job description need to be accurate and should reflect the size and scope of the various tasks within the role. The description of duties shouldn’t be too long but should be as precise and succinct as possible. Remember, you will also have an accompanying advert and if required, you can also attach further information to your recruitment campaign.

  • Be specific

The person specification is just as important as the description of duties. Prospective employees will firstly be attracted by the advert but will inevitably head straight to the person specification to see if they meet the criteria before applying. It is therefore essential to get this section right.

This list should include any specialist skills you are looking for, any experience, any behavioural competencies (i.e. teamwork), qualifications and finally, any organisation wide values you wish candidates to display. Where appropriate, it should also specify whether these competencies and skills are essential or desirable. Many candidates won't apply if they don't feel they meet the essential so it's important to ensure you are as accurate as possible when defining the person specification criteria. You don't want to lose out on potentially great candidates because you included something that isn't really essential.

Where to recruit?

Once you have the above in place, you then need to do your research for the best recruitment sites and/or agencies to advertise with. There are many sites available and it is always worth using more than one recruitment site. However, you must ensure that you choose wisely and try to pick a mixture of both specialist sites (dependant on the role) and more general sites (e.g. Indeed).

Another way to increase interest in your vacancies is to utilise social media. If your executive team have LinkedIn profiles, it is worth asking them to share the job adverts through their networks. This is a free and effective way to attract more interest to your vacancies.

If you would like to discuss recruitment and/or interview skills training, please contact us via the contact form on the website or on email to

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