Mediation – a powerful skill for managers

Mediation – a powerful skill for managers

Having an engaged and effective team is the goal for any manager. However, when dealing with people, things won’t always run smoothly. This is usually where HR get involved.

What if you, as a manager, had the skills, confidence and ability to dissolve conflict situations within your teams without the need of a formal HR process?

Mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes without the need of a formal HR process. It involves an independent third party to act as a mediator to help both sides come to an agreement.

Mediation is an informal and flexible process.

Mediators remain impartial and avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. Mediators are simply responsible for developing effective communication and building consensus between the parties.

The focus of a mediation meeting is to reach a common-sense settlement that both parties are agreeable to.

Here are a few tips for a mediation meeting structure:

1. Start on a positive note: make sure ground rules are created and kept to

2. Listening: make sure both parties are given enough time for a full hearing

3. Working together: search for common goals

4. Agreement: work towards an agreement by encouraging communication and create options

5. Actions: confirm agreed actions and check understanding by both parties of any tasks

6. Follow up: always finish by arranging a follow up to check on progress

If you are interested in mediation training, please contact Tracy Barlow on or via the contact page on

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