Using social media to get ahead!

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to showcase your skills and experience. Most connections will be made by people using key word searches rather than your name so you will need to include all of the essential skills, education, and experience and prioritise the inclusion of the words in specific areas to increase your visibility.

Be sure to add a photo to your profile so that potential recruiters can see who they are looking at. Using a photo can really help you to promote your professional image so choose it wisely. Use a photo that showcases you with a professional image and avoid using Facebook or holiday photo’s.

Other ways to boost your profile on LinkedIn is to insert testimonials onto your page so that recruiters can see feedback you have received from previous employers. Don't be afraid to ask for these, they can be very effective in promoting the quality of your work from previous positions.

Ensure you complete the ‘skills and experience’ section of your profile. This is one area that links to key word searches so be sure to give careful consideration to how you write this section. Showcase your strengths and use key words that recruiters may use to search for potential candidates.

The summary is the area most people struggle with. Recruiters will only spend a short amount of time looking at your profile so you need to make the summary concise. Highlight a couple of your career experiences that you wish to showcase. Just be sure to KISS (keep it short and simple).

Finally, expand your network! Once you start making connections, LinkedIn will provide recommendations of other connections for you, this is a great way to continue building your professional network.

Next week: Twitter

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