The Dreaded Interview

So going to an interview can be nerve racking, whether it be your first or your fifteenth. Interview panels always vary in style and format can be quite different depending on the organisation. Here are a few of my tips for feeling confident when going for an interview. I will be blogging further tips on psychometric tests, presentations and second interviews.

Go in prepared

A common myth with interviews is that candidates can't take anything in with them, that is simply not true, here are some key items I would recommend you take with you:

- a copy of your application form

- a copy of the job description

- a few bullet points of key pieces of work or projects you have done that relate to the job you are interviewing for. This can act as a prompt when you are asked to provide examples.

- if applying for a creative job, take a portfolio of your work (if applicable)

- if you are delivering a presentation, make sure you take paper copies as handouts, it's always a good idea to leave these with the panel so they can reflect on them afterwards

- make a note of any questions you want to ask

The likelihood is that you won't actually look at the above during the interview but just having it to hand can help calm any nerves and build confidence. This works as a back up in case you get a brain freeze during the interview, so you'll never be left without an answer.

Good Luck!

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