What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
A Learning Management System is specifically suited to allow you to manage online learning activities. A LMS is a system which will allow you to create a wonderful Virtual Learning Environment and add resources. A custom built LMS is key to allowing you to construct learning journeys and monitor learner engagement. A LMS can also act as a training log, keeping a record of what learning has taken place. Having a customised LMS to suit your business needs can have a huge, positive impact on the effectiveness of your e-learning. In addition to the build itself, you’ll get full support from our team to get you up and running and beyond.

E-learning platforms tailored to you
Custom e-learning platforms are made for businesses who feel restricted by the limitations of off-the-shelf systems. Our LMS’ are tailored to the demands of our individual clients for all types of training and education, without the ongoing costs or technical limitations typically associated with online training software. Having a customised Learning Management System (LMS) to suit your business needs can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your e-learning. We’ll make sure your LMS does exactly what you need it to, whether you are providing training to your own staff or to external paying learners.
• Custom built for you Our LMS’ are designed to fit you and your needs. No two systems we design are the same and we create learning management systems that align with your brand and that feel bespoke to your business. We offer many different features to offer a unique user experience. Our LMS’ will stand the test of time and as your business evolves, we ensure your LMS adapts to your changing needs.
• Pay once, use forever Our system is not a ‘pay per user’ model as this is unsustainable for most companies, so we’ll never charge you per user.
• Unlimited courses There are no limits on how many courses you upload onto your LMS. We build your site and then, the skies the limit.
• Income potential Want to offer your online courses to external users for a fee? No problem. We can build a LMS where you can ‘sell’ your courses at one-off costs or membership costs for full site access.

What’s Included?
• Create courses • Quizzes and assessments • Custom reporting • Unlimited users • Unlimited courses • Design and branding • Custom features • E-learning design • Unlimited groups and admins • Technical support

We’re Here to Help
Our team are UK-based and on hand to answer any questions you have about the design and development process. Each client will be appointed a dedicated account manager who will oversee your project from start to finish. We have dedicated designers who will work with you to understand your learners to ensure your system can respond to their needs, working with you to better understand your desired learner outcomes. They will then work with you on copy, editing and formatting, ensuring knowledge sharing and providing a creative approach that ticks all of your boxes. Our consultants are experienced project managers with specialisms in systems development. We know how long it takes to complete the work and use key principles from AGILE project management methodology to support your project along the way.

Our ‘Agile’ Approach
The Beginning: You have an idea of having an LMS but are unsure what’s involved or what you can get, we can help guide and advise you on your options. We will meet to learn more about you and to understand what you need. We’ll define your requirements, establishing exactly what your needs are and understand how much this will impact your business as a whole. We will start by creating sketches to determine the layouts and presentation of the vast quantities of information and resources available, with the goal being ease of use and responsive design to ensure anyone can access the information from any device. We will work together to agree an approach and timeline for your project and discuss how we’ll move forward.
The Planning: Beginning with the blue-prints. Depending on your needs, you may already know the approach you want to take in detail, or you might just have an idea which you would like us to analyse and plan for you. We work using agile methods which means we plan thoroughly and are always ready to adapt if you need us to. As part of this process, we will define your design requirements to make sure your user journey is the best it can be. We will break down your project into smaller sections to allow us to define which features need to be built first. Then we break down each feature into smaller tasks which are then prioritised.
Development: This is where we work our magic, get our hands dirty and start the development work on your new LMS. Throughout this part of the process, we will keep checking back with you to make sure you’re happy with the designs before they are built.

Testing: Now we’ve built it, we’ll try to break it! We will thoroughly test the system to ensure all functionality is working correctly. Testing will include user testing as well as administrator testing. We will then hand the system over to you to test. If errors are found, we just loop back to our team to develop fixes and then re-test.

Deployment: If everyone is happy with the system and testing has been given the thumbs up, it’s time to go live! The work gets deployed to the live site and you’re good to go. At this point, we will get together again to review how the process went and check if there is any room for improvement.
What Next? Even if your project is finished, don’t worry, we won’t disappear. We will stick around as long as you like, to maintain, check and tinker with any changes you decide you might like. We hope you won’t have any teething problems, but we’ll be around if you do. Our Platforms Our most popular platform to use is Wordpress coupled with LearnDash and BuddyPress plugins. These plugins offer a range of customisable options to suit you and your learners needs. A plugin is an additional application which is built to work on top of or alongside the existing LMS, to improve functionality. Using LearnDash, our designers will immerse themselves in your knowledge, content and learners to build a content structure tailored for online learning. Our designers will propose creative approaches to interactive elements and assessments and will use their expertise to convey ideas and concepts, breaking down information into bite-sized chunks to educate your learners.
Your Training You just provide the knowledge and we can do the rest. Even if you’re starting from scratch, we can build your content from the ground up. We can convert your current face-to-face training and presentations into a digital format. If you have any current digital content, we can revise and introduce interactive elements and engaging learning opportunities. We’ll work with you to create a digital roadmap that helps you to visualise your project and reach your end goal.
Optional Features Implementing an LMS system using Wordpress (for example) provides a range of optional functions for your site which can be used to tailor your site to fit with your company goals and culture. Some of these features include:
Activity Feed: Combining the BuddyPress plugin with Wordpress and the customised LMS can provide an additional social layer to your online training platform allowing users to create personal profiles, communicate with other learners and maintain a robust activity feed and leader boards, which can display personal achievements of those participating in the course and lessons.
Leaderboards: Leaderboards are a great way to boost course engagement through powerful gamification. Online games wouldn’t be half as fun without the playful competitiveness of leaderboards displaying who had crushed the most candy! Leaderboards tap into people’s competitive spirit, prompting people to keep moving forwards.
Gamification: Gamification in a learning community can make it fun and exciting for the user. By giving learners a visual reward that they can display on their profile or share via social media, implementing rewards through badges provides a fun way to display progress and achievements towards their goals.
Quiz Access Rules: This function allows users to watch a video and then take a quiz based on the content (for example). You can set a ‘pass’ rate, for example: they must achieve 80% competency before they can proceed to the next course/section. You can also set parameters that if a user attempts the quiz 3 times (for example) and doesn’t achieve 80% then a notification can go to the manager. Local Groups: Using the BuddyPress plugin, we can implement functionality to allow for groups to be created. This might be by location or staff type etc. This allows users to align themselves with one another and allow administrators to view quiz and learning insights based on location.
Responsive Design: We can ensure that the platform is accessible for users on-the-go with their smartphone, from the comfort of their living room on their iPad or at the home office.
Knowledge and Resource Libraries: whether you have a staff intranet or not, we can help your business provide accessible information direct to your employees at their fingertips. Whether they are looking for events, articles, contacts, policy documents or more. We can create one central information hub that can act as a learning centre, help point, resource library etc.
Learner course progress: we can include a variety of progress updates available for learners to view via their profile including:
o Learner certificates
o Learner profiles
o Course search function
o Course badges and achievements
o Custom learner experience
Single Sign on: We can connect a login page to link to your user’s Windows accounts. This provides a seamless way for users to log into the system without asking them to create new usernames and passwords.
Contact Us If you would like a free consultation meeting to discuss your requirements and what we can offer, contact us on 07976638641 or email on contact@tracyjbarlow.com

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