360°feedback is a form of performance appraisal which gathers feedback from a number of different sources.  These sources can include peers, direct reports, line managers, more senior colleagues and customers.  This feedback offers a wide-range of perspectives and helps to make performance management a more objective, fair and effective process.

Benefits of using 360°Feedback Tools

There are many potential benefits of using a 360°feedback tool.  Some benefits that can be realised are:

·         Improved leadership and management skills

·         Greater understanding of skills and areas for development

·         Improved team working

·         Increased awareness of your impact on others

·         More open working relationships

·         Increased levels of self-confidence

·         Clear understanding of areas of strength

What can you expect from the process?

At the start of the process, you will be asked to nominate 6 people.  These people will be asked to complete a questionnaire, answering questions that will provide valuable feedback to you.

You will also complete the same questionnaire on yourself.

The questionnaire is based around a series of statements within a variety of different categories.

Once all participants have completed and returned the questionnaire, it will be analysed and a report will be produced outlining the findings.

The report will break down the responses from yourself and the nominated participants.  Participants responses are anonymised and you will not be able to identify any individuals from the report.

Included in the report will be any comments/feedback provided by participants.  This will also be anonymised. 

The questionnaires are administered electronically so you will need to provide the email addresses of all nominated participants.


All information provided is treated with the strictest of confidence.  Only your ratings will be identifiable.  All other ratings and comments will be treated in confidence and only fed back in an anonymous format. 

All other information supplied will be dealt with in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  You can also read our Information Security Policy here.

We currently offer 3 different options for 360 feedback questionnaires.  These are:

  • Leadership skills

  • Employee skills

  • Tailored option


The tailored option involves us working closely with your organisation to create a tailored set of skills and statements.  These can be based on your organisation values and/or behaviours.

The Leadership skills questionnaire covers the following skill areas:

  1. Interpersonal skills

  2. Communication skills

  3. Strategic thinking

  4. Development (self and others)

  5. Stakeholder focus

  6. Analytical thinking

  7. Initiative

  8. Corporate / Team player

The Employee questionnaires covers the following:

  1. Team player

  2. Interpersonal behaviour

  3. Self confidence

  4. Developing self

  5. Planning and organisation

  6. Responsiveness to change

  7. Influencing

  8. Customer focus


Below you will find examples of the participant guide and feedback report. Also shown below is a screen shot of what the 360 electronic questionnaire looks like. 

Example Feedback Report


Participant guide


Prices are based on individuals.  The more individuals you wish to purchase a licence for, the bigger discount you receive.  You can purchase a number of licences at once and use them over any period of time.  Payment is required upon purchase.

1 - 4 licences:    £45.00 per person

5 - 10 licences:  £40.00 per person

10+ licences:     £35.00 per person

If you would like more information or to discuss the process in more detail, please contact us on

360 Feedback

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